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With daily oral pills, quarterly injections, implants, and everything in between, you have many options for birth control nowadays. Because it can be overwhelming to select birth control, you can expect personalized care and compassionate family planning at the office of Lorena Tinoco, MD, in South Miami, Florida. Book your birth control consultation by clicking on the online scheduler or by calling either location directly.

Birth Control Q & A

Which type of birth control is most effective?

Modern birth control solutions are more effective than ever before. One of the most popular and most effective types of birth control is the intrauterine device (IUD). Dr. Tinoco inserts this small device into the very top of your uterus, by way of your vagina. The IUD device keeps sperm from reaching eggs and is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy for 3-12 years.

Also commonly requested is the birth control implant, which is over 99% effective. It’s a small rod that gets implanted under your skin, usually in your upper arm. The implant gradually releases pregnancy-preventing hormones for up to five years.

Some of the other top-requested types of birth control and their effectiveness rates are as follows:

  • Birth control shot taken every three months is about 94% effective
  • Birth control vaginal ring worn for three weeks each month is around 91% effective
  • Birth control pills taken daily are roughly 91% effective

As effective as these types of birth control may be at preventing unwanted pregnancy, they don’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It’s still important to use a barrier method, like condoms, every time you have sexual intercourse.

How do I talk to my doctor about birth control?

At the office of Lorena Tinoco, MD, you should feel comfortable about getting the compassionate care and education you need for family planning. Dr. Tinoco wants to build a strong doctor-patient relationship with you, so you always have someone to turn to, no matter what your concerns may be. When you have your birth control evaluation, let Dr. Tinoco know:

  • If you want to have children in the future
  • When you may want to become pregnant
  • Which birth control methods you currently use

Dr. Tinoco spends time counseling you about various types of birth control, so you can work together to find the best possible solution for you and your family.

When does birth control start working?

It depends on which method you select and when in your cycle you start using it. Birth control implants and IUDs, as well as birth control shots, are typically effective within the first week, sometimes immediately depending on which one you choose.

Birth control rings are effective right away, whereas birth control pills can take up to a week to become effective. Dr. Tinoco lets you know when your specific type of birth control starts working. Until it’s entirely effective, it’s important to use a backup form of birth control, like a condom, to prevent pregnancy.

Learn more about modern birth control options by scheduling an exam at the office of Lorena Tinoco, MD, today. Book your visit online or over the phone.