Self-Paid Obstetrical Packages


Self - Pay Maternity Packages: 

  • Our Self-Pay Maternity Packages includes all of the following services:
    • All prenatal visits in our office.
    • All Ultrasounds done in our office.
    • All visits and care during any prenatal hospitalization.(physician charges)
    • Delivery: Vaginal Delivery / Cesarean Section Delivery / Twin Delivery.
    • Daily postpartum care visits during hospital stay.
    • Two postpartum care consultations in the office.
  • Separate Services : (with additional costs)
    • Tests: blood work and cultures.
    • Specialty ultrasounds: Nuchal translucency, fetal anatomy, 3D, 4D,5D Ultrasounds.
    • Perinatology consultation (perinatologist office price)
    • Pediatrician and Neonatologist (Services offered by delivery hospital, please refer to hospital contact information)
    • Bilateral Tubal Ligation.
    • Neonatal Circumcision.
    • Specimen collection for Cord Blood banking.

*** Patient must contact South Miami and Mercy Hospital, Financial Department for hospitalization/anesthesia quote. (we will assist you and provide contact information)

*** International patients: International patients can contact us to get special quotes and assistance.

*** High-Risk Patient obstetrical patient: please contact us for quotes.

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